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by Pagati | 10/28/20 2:00 AM

Signature CareConnect, specializing in tools to help post-acute networks succeed, recently launched their proprietary healthcare tool, Pagati. Pagati is the evolution of a powerful management system that helps healthcare clients succeed. Built strongly off the needs of healthcare providers and what they found most valuable, the management platform assists providers seamlessly in being efficient and cutting unneeded costs.  

Pagati offers healthcare providers a host of features that optimizes their care network, helps cut costs, and improves the quality of care they deliver. A few highlights of the platform include: 

  • Episode Selection. Sample data can easily be inputted by the client to simulate a bundle and pinpoint cost reduction opportunities and categorize risk/reward prior to bundle selection. 
  • Network Opportunity Calculator. Use Pagati’s proprietary network calculator, your “crystal ball” to identify patient pathways that increase efficiencies and savings. 
  • PAC Provider Scorecard. A client favorite, this monitors the performance of your post-acute providers by type, identifying lackluster performers and improving quality. 
  • Trends Tab. Quickly and efficiently address negative performance issues across a network. 
  • SNFist Scorecard. Another feature made by the request of a client, it organizes SNF clinical providers by readmission rates. 

At a critical time for the healthcare industry, it’s important for network systems to be primed to run at their best. Pagati is the tool to make provider networks optimized.  Pagati gives providers exactly what they need.

Contact Signature CareConnect today to explore Pagati and all it can offer. 

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