How to Succeed in the Bundled Payment Arena

by Pagati | 11/4/20 2:00 AM

Get the support you need to succeed. Here’s how to thrive in the bundled payment arena.  

Assume additional risk. Participants in bundled payment programs are more successful when they take control of their own financial analytics. Rather than wait for payers to review claims data and send reports back, it might make sense to adopt the tools yourself to navigate the waters of your bundled payment program. Doing so providers immediate results and analytics. But doesn’t this create additional risk? 

Reducing risk, controlling costs, and improving outcomes can be accomplished effectively in-house. Simply put, providers need to have the tools and support to make timely data-driven care decisions. 

The right tools and support. Pagati offers healthcare providers a host of features that optimizes their care network, helps cut costs, and improvethe quality of care they deliver. Pagati seamlessly integrates health systems, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and physician groups to provide the data that informs leaders the status of their bottom line. It analyzes episode benchmarks and determines where they need to focus to maximize shared savings. Pagati’s proprietary gain-sharing methodologies identify opportunities in bundled payment programs for assuming additional risk. Furthermore, it identifies and addresses revenue-losing gaps in post-acute networks.      

Accessing analytic insight in your bundled payments can give you an edge. Pagati can help you succeed. 

Success amidst COVID-19. COVID-19 has produced added challenges for post-acute care providers. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CMS Innovation Center has enacted model adjustments for financial methodologies, quality reporting, and model timelines. Specifically in regards to the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced model, they have outlined the following changes: 

  • Option for participants to eliminate upside and downside risk by excluding Clinical Episodes from Reconciliation for Model Year 3 (2020) 
  • For BPCI-Advanced participants that choose to remain in two-sided risk, exclude certain Clinical Episodes from Reconciliation with a COVID-19 diagnosis during the episode 

Read the full CMS Innovation Center update here. 

Signature CareConnect, specializing in tools to help post-acute networks succeed, recently launched their proprietary healthcare tool, Pagati. Pagati is the evolution of a powerful management system that helps healthcare clients succeed. Built strongly off the needs of healthcare providers and what they found most valuable, the management platform assists providers seamlessly in being efficient and cutting unneeded costs. 

Contact Signature CareConnect today to explore Pagati and all it can offer. 

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