How to Effectively Manage BPCI Advanced Episodes of Care

by Pagati | 12/15/20 7:17 AM

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Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) road to success 

Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) success requires expertise and technology resources that most health systems, ACOs, and physician practices do not have readily available in-house. Pagati’s post-acute SaaS platform provides each of these groups with up-to-date data analytics, claims management, post-acute care network management, and performance metrics.  

BPCI success can be impeded by: 

  • Lack of resources to identify high-performing providers in post-acute networks   
  • No data available on rates and length-of-stay by facility and attending physicians within a network   
  • No access to real-time dashboards and quality metrics to continually refine partnerships and optimize post-acute provider networks 

BPCI tool for optimization 

Pagati’s cloud-based risk-reduction software was developed, tuned, and tested for six years during the first bundled payment pilot program by CMS. Now it’s the foundation of success for the next cohort of participants – hospitals, physician groups, and accountable care organizations. Our industry-leading platform drives the success of our post-acute care partners by providing the decision support technology that drives advanced payment model success. 

If you are interested in learning how to control your BPCI Advanced episodes of care, from start to finish, Pagati can help.    

What is Pagati? 

Pagati is the evolution of a powerful management system that helps healthcare clients succeed. Built strongly off the needs of healthcare providers and what they found most valuable, the management platform assists providers seamlessly in being efficient and cutting unneeded costs. 

At a critical time for the healthcare industry, it’s important for network systems to be primed to run at their best. Pagati is the tool to make provider networks optimized. Contact Signature CareConnect today to explore Pagati and all it can offer.

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