Helping Seniors Thrive During COVID-19

by Pagati | 11/18/20 2:00 AM

The challenges of COVID-19 and seniors. Ensuring seniors thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused challenges for many. Signature CareConnect’s software is used in long-term care facilities with seniors, and this demographic in particular has had added challenges because of COVID-19. With visitation limited in senior care communities, a propensity for isolation, and reduced social gatherings, helping seniors thrive has been tough. 

So, just how do we help seniors stay active during COVID-19? 

Get seniors moving. It may sound obvious, but making a conscious decision to keep seniors moving around throughout the day is key. If your family member or loved one is able to walk, aim for 250 steps per hour to stay active. If weather permits, get outside for even more steps. If the senior in your life is unable to walk, consider stretches or hand weights to get some exercise. 

Keep a social distance. Following CDC guidelines during COVID-19 is important. One of those guidelines is practicing social distancing and staying six feet apart. This helps reduce the spread of the coronavirus and gives seniors an added boost to stay safe. If you don’t feel well, avoid interaction with seniors entirely. 

Masks and sanitizing. Wearing a mask helps reduce the spread of the respiratory droplets that carry COVID-19. With many people not even realizing that they might be infected with COVID-19, it’s important to wear a mask in public or around seniors. Even in a private space, a mask is an easy step to take to help seniors stay healthy. 

Take care when interacting with seniors to ensure proper sanitizing has been performed to eliminate contaminated surfaces. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer as necessary. 

Plan gatherings with caution. Seniors are suffering from isolation during the pandemic. Seniors can benefit from carefully planned gatherings. If the weather is nice, plan an outdoor lunch while remaining socially distant. Organize a game night or card game and be sure to wash your hands, wear masks, and social distance. A simple gathering can mean the world to a senior.  

Signature CareConnect’s proprietary Pagati platform gives health systems, physician groups, and ACOs the tools to help select, manage, and monitor the post-acute network needed to succeed. Contact us today to talk solutions!  

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